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Email Marketing Solutions for Advertisers

Most advertisers are familiar with email marketing platforms; however, our product adds a few unique details onto this successful tool. Our model corrects many common problems, such as low quality traffic and wasteful spending.

We operate on the traditional PPC model, but utilize an extra filter for quality assurance. Other companies charge you for the initial click produced from a Publisher's email campaign. These initial clicks don't always yield conversions, so you end up paying for non-converting traffic. We don't want to send you dead traffic, which is why we deliver the first impression free of charge and reserve payment for the second click.

Immediately following click #1, the customer views a results page featuring 5 ads. Truly interested consumers continue to click on one of these ads while the rest simply navigate away from the page. This delay mechanism acts as a filter that monetizes the traffic you ultimately receive. Paying for the 2nd click alone increases your ROI and saves you money in the process.

Network Perks

Advanced Behavioral Targeting

Our algorithm employs refined behavioral targeting based on a user's cookies. This information allows us to select ads that are appropriate for the consumer's age, geolocation, and personal interests. Behavioral targeting acts as another traffic filter to shield you from disinterested viewers.

Tons of Categories/Verticals

It doesn't really matter what you're selling. With over 2,000 different categories to choose from, we have a place for virtually any product or service available. Our expansive Publisher association presents ample opportunities for strategic ad placement.

Permission Based Marketing

Email promotions represent a form of opt-in advertising. Consumers elect to participate in these types of campaigns, and may opt out whenever they wish. The "Unsubscribe" button in our emails is clearly visible and immediately blocks the user's IP address from seeing our images.

Fast Execution

Starting your campaign takes but minutes. Follow the step by step guide on the How it Works page for more information.

Maximize Conversions

Data proves the efficiency of email marketing techniques. These campaigns generate outstanding CTRs because they deliver engaging ads to an engrossed audience. Fine tuned targeting turns this lucrative program into a reliable stream of substantial revenue.