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Publishers: Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns!

Get paid to deliver double qualified traffic to network advertisers through your email lists and newsletters. Our unique model works in 4 steps: first, you perform an ordinary email drop. Our system sends a message to your users that includes a generic creative for the applicable category. Consumers open the email and click on the creative as per usual. Next, we take the consumers to a results page that contains 5 branded ads. When consumers click on these ads, we charge the advertisers and you earn a share of said revenue.

A lot of companies charge advertisers for the initial impressions within the email. This forces them to pay for inexpensive, yet non-converting traffic. Instead of breaking their budgets pennies at a time, we charge a higher premium for the all important second click. The two click format pre-screens users, so advertisers receive superior quality, converting traffic.

Partner Advantages

Increased Revenue

Our enticing revenue share program offers publishers a 60/40 compensation rate. Since the filtered traffic costs advertisers more per click, you earn 3-5 times the typical amount of money.

Creative Control

We understand the importance of aesthetics, especially under these circumstances. Our fully customizable ads give you the freedom to design an eye-catching presentation every time. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and an array of colors. Emails feature live image rotation, so users won't get bored of seeing the same old material. You also have the option of uploading your own high performance creatives.

Auto Optimization

Tracking campaign performance takes valuable time; let our auto optimization system do the work for you. The algorithm determines which creatives produce the most clicks, and discards those that consumers ignore. Updates occur in real time, which saves you money almost instantly.

Easy Implementation

Start your campaign and go live in a matter of minutes. Manage your creatives via our user friendly bucket system. Get your HTML, generate the email, and then send it off to your clients without leaving our database.

Thousands of Advertisers

We have network advertisers promoting just about every product or service imaginable. As such, we're able to serve up relevant ads regardless of the subject matter. With over 2,000 categories, you'll be able to find the right fit for your customers.